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Dancing with Myself Season 01 Episode 07 Description

A hair model, an NFL cheerleader, a flight attendant and nine other contestants from across the country enter the Dancing With Myself pods to battle it out over six dance challenges set by celebrity creators Shakira, Nick Jonas and Liza Koshy.

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Dancing with Myself Season 01

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Dancing with Myself Show Summary

Hoping to be the newest face of dance competition shows, Dancing with Myself slides on television with a nuanced idea. The series follows everyday people showcasing their skills as they attempt to replicate the dance moves in each challenge designed by celebrity judges and guests.

The idea of the show is to mimic the fact that every week people are trying to learn whatever new dance craze is trending across social media. If you need an example of what we mean, check out comedian Kevin Hart and others as they attempt the “Aye Bay Bay” TikTok Slide Challenge.

When is the Dancing with Myself premiere date?

Dancing with Myself premieres on Tuesday, May 31, at 10 pm ET/PT on NBC. Would-be viewers in the UK should be able to access episodes of the series the next day using Sky TV and Now TV as Peacock has been integrated on both platforms.

Dancing with Myself premise

NBC describes the premise of the series as the following:

“NBC’s new primetime series Dancing with Myself is inspired by the millions tuning in to watch the latest dance crazes on social media. Dancing with Myself will see a group of everyday people compete each week in a series of high-energy dance challenges designed and demonstrated by the show’s celebrity creators Shakira, Nick Jonas, Liza Koshy and host Camille Kostek.

“Shakira, Liza, Nick and Camille will perform the new dance challenges created specifically for the show, which contestants will have to tackle. They will also enlist the talents of guest celebrities who will submit their own challenges. Isolated in their own pods, contestants have a short time to learn the new routines, add their unique flair and then perform their hearts out in front of a live studio audience.

“As each round of the competition progresses, the creators on the judging panel provide instant feedback and choose their favorites to advance, along with audience picks. Ultimately, however, it’s the studio audience that decides who is named the best dancer of the night and gets to take home the cash prize.”

On another note, the show is debuting during the same month as So You Think You Can Dance season 17 on Fox. It will be interesting to see whether viewers flock to what they’re used to or if they are ready to embrace something new in the vein of dance competitions.

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