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I Can See Your Voice Season 03 Episode 01 Description

In this episode, the guest singer is Jolin Tsai, a pop diva and one of the most successful singers in Taiwan. She is joined by the panelists Show LoRainie YangAlien Huang, and Selina Jen. The six mystery contestants are Mr. BeanPandaGuitar GirlPirateBunny, and Singer. The contestants perform songs such as “Play” by Jolin Tsai, “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga, and “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. The panelists try to guess their identities based on their performances and clues. The host, Harlem Yu, moderates the show and reveals the results of the audience votes.

The episode was a hit with the viewers, who enjoyed the musical talent and the humor of the celebrities and the contestants. The episode also featured some surprising moments, such as Show Lo recognizing Guitar Girl as his ex-girlfriend, Rainie Yang being moved by Bunny’s story, and Jolin Tsai being shocked by the reveal of Singer.

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I Can See Your Voice Show Summary

I Can See Your Voice is a musical game show where a panel of celebrities and a guest singer try to guess the singing ability of a group of mystery contestants based on their appearance and lip-syncing skills. The show originated in South Korea and has been adapted in many countries, including Taiwan. The Taiwanese version of I Can See Your Voice is hosted by Harlem Yu and features a rotating panel of singers, actors, and comedians.

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