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The 18th season of America’s Got Talent premiered on May 30, 2023 with a two-hour episode featuring a variety of acts auditioning for the judges and the audience. The judges panel consisted of Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara, who all returned from the previous season. Terry Crews also reprised his role as the host.

Some of the acts that impressed the judges and received four yeses were:

Trex Flips, a man in an inflatable dinosaur costume who performed acrobatic flips and jumps
Philip Bowen, a violinist who played a modern and upbeat rendition of “Don’t Stop Believin’”
Steel Panther, a rock band that has been playing together for 40 years and sang an original song called “Party All Day”
The Mayyas, a dance group from Lebanon that performed a synchronized and stunning routine
Nightbirde, a singer-songwriter who moved everyone with her emotional song “It’s OK” and received Simon’s golden buzzer
Some of the acts that failed to impress the judges and received buzzers or nos were:

The Misfit Dancers, a dance group that lacked coordination and energy
The Amazing Shoji, a young magician who messed up his card trick
The Other Direction, a boy band parody that sang a song called “Girl You’re the Best”
Sethward, a comedian who dressed up as various animals and annoyed the judges with his antics
The episode ended with Nightbirde’s golden buzzer moment, which left everyone in tears and inspired by her courage and optimism. She revealed that she has cancer and only has a 2% chance of survival, but she still wants to follow her dreams. Simon praised her voice and her song, saying that it was “powerful” and “special”. He then hit the golden buzzer, sending her straight to the live shows.

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America’s Got Talent Show Summary

America’s Got Talent (often abbreviated as AGT) is a televised American talent show competition, and is part of the global Got Talent franchise created by Simon Cowell. The program is produced by Fremantle USA (as well as distributed by) and Syco Entertainment, and broadcasts on the NBC television network. It premiered on June 21, 2006 after plans for a British edition in 2005 were suspended, following a dispute within the British broadcaster ITV. Production would later resume in 2007,[3] following the success of the first season. Each season is mainly run during the network’s summer schedule, and has featured various hosts over the course of the program’s history. The current host is Terry Crews.

The program attracts a variety of participants from across the United States and abroad, who possess some form of talents. Acts range from singing, dancing, comedy, magic, stunts, variety and other genres. Each participant or act who auditions, attempts to secure a place in the live episodes of a season, by impressing a panel of judges. The current line-up consists of Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara. Participants making it into the live episodes, compete against each other for both the judges’ and public’s vote, in order to reach the live final. The winner receives a large cash prize (primarily paid over a period of time), and since the third season, a chance to headline a show on the Las Vegas Strip.

The show itself has been a rating success for NBC, drawing in on average around 10 million viewers per season. In 2013, a book titled Inside AGT: The Untold Stories of America’s Got Talent was released, providing a description of the seasons, contestants, judges and production techniques of the show. It includes detailed interviews with contestants from all seasons, up to the date of the book’s publication.

Since July 2021, the program has run for a total of sixteen seasons, and has spawned two spin-off competitions: America’s Got Talent: The Champions, which premiered in January 2019, and AGT: Extreme, which premiered in February 2022. The seventeenth season of the main series is set to premiere in May 2022.

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